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Year Million

A National Geographic Docu-drama Series

Producers: Dave O'Connor, Wendy Greene, Tommy Turtle and Justin Wilkes

Prod. Cos.: Radical Media

Music by: Timo Elliston, Brian Jones & Viliam Béres

YEAR MILLION is a docu-drama series exploring life in the near and distant future, where artificial intelligence is everywhere and advances in medicine and biology will expand our lives by hundreds of years. The way we communicate, work and learn will be revolutionized through telepathy and virtual reality. The drive to explore will push us further into the cosmos, where we'll discover new planets, resources, and possibly even new life.

Year Million


The Matrix has long been one of my favorite films. And while the visual look of the film is rightly well-celebrated, it is its sonic palette that just blows me away. Don Davis’s amazing score mixed with the sound of Laurence Fishburne’s voice is just one of the coolest combinations in film. So, to get to score a sci-fi documentary series with Fisburne’s Emmy-nominated narration was sci-fi nerd heaven.

Producer Dave O’Connor and the team were also in lockstep with us in our desire to score the show more like a film than a typical television docu-style show. We wanted to create longer cues that would follow the storyline throughout, and get energy musically through the compositions themselves, rather than using quick cuts between unrelated pieces of music that has pretty much become the norm in TV. We felt like we’d get a better result, that was more cinematic and had better storytelling. Although, this approach can be a lot harder, especially when it’s fifty minutes of music every five days!

image from Year Million