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Inside Amy Schumer

A PARAMOUNT+ Original Series

Producers: Amy Schumer, Kevin Kane, Dan Powell and Ryan McFaul

Production: Irony Point, It's So Easy Productions

Music by: Timo Elliston and Ray Angry

INSIDE AMY SCHUMER: The Decathlon of TV Scoring

One of the parts I enjoy most about writing music for television is the wide range of musical styles and genres you get to explore and learn. So, when a show provides you the opportunity to write everything from a feel good holiday themed Hallmark movie to film noir music for a murder at Fart Park; from a Texas-style horror film trailer to late night infomercials for Spanx; plus, a dozen other disparate genres all scoring incredibly well-written hilarious comedy sketches - it’s one of the most fun gigs you can have.

In Season 5, I also got the opportunity to produce songs written by the comedy writer Ron Weiner (30 Rock) to end each episode. This led, through a series of fortunate events, to Ray and I getting to co-write a remix of one of Ron’s songs, My Wife Buys Me Clothes (And I Wear Them), with hip-hop legend Method Man and the incredible Mumu Fresh - which I still can't believe happened, but, it did.

Photos by Sasha Bianca.


One of our tasks for Season 5 of Inside Amy Schumer was composing a new theme for the series - the original having been written by my composing partner, Ray Angry, back in Season 1. I had always loved that theme, and noticed that it wasn't out or available anywhere - outside of a few YouTube links and such. So, when it came time to put together this season's soundtrack, we decided to feature the new theme (Raygun!) and extended versions of much of the interstitial music from the show, along with Ron Weiner's featured songs, and our remix with Method Man and Mumu Fresh.

Ray Angry and Timo Elliston at Electric Lady Studios, NYC
Method Man recording for Inside Amy Schumer
Mumu Fresh recording for Inside Amy Schumer
Timo Elliston, Method Man and Ray Angry at Electric Lady Studios, NYC